Integrate™ Accessories

Keep active during your daily routine.

Integrate™ Stretch Band

Add resistance movement to your day using the light and compact Integrate Stretch Bands

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Integrate™ Weighted Hand Ball

Keep active during your daily routine. The Weighted Hand Ball makes it easy to integrate movement into your day.

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Integrate™ Weighted Stress Ball

The Integrate Weighted Stress Ball strengthens your hands and forearms, relieving stress and aiding in blood circulation. This office accessory’s small size makes it ideal for use in the workplace, in a meeting or at home.

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Integrate™ Anti-Fatigue Mat

Enjoy comfort and support while standing. The Anti-Fatigue Mat alleviates aches and pains associated with extended time on your feet.

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Integrate™ Calf Stretch

Increase leg tonality and strengthen your core with the Integrate Calf Stretch. This versatile office accessory makes it easy to modify your routine while working on your feet .

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Integrate™ Desk Pedals

Counteract the negative effects of sitting with Integrate Desk Pedals. This portable elliptical stepper keeps legs engaged while sitting or standing.

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