InMovement™ TreadMill & Desk

The Workplace Demanding Change

Why InMovement


Every part of the InMovement approach is designed to blend in with your company’s culture and space. Programming integrates into the current workday and products have been designed specifically for the office environment. Participation is easy, and so is tracking it, thanks to our InMovement app.


The harmful effects of prolonged sitting are already part of our public awareness. We’ve collected decades of research to support the belief that standing and moving throughout the workday lead to better health, all of which we share as part of the program. We’ve found that awareness is a powerful motivator.


We encourage small movement as part of the existing in-office routine; participation is spontaneous, creating healthier relationships between employees and the office space. From enabling them to stand up for a few minutes every hour to adopting walking meetings, small changes make a big difference. No sweating required.

InMovement™ TreadMill Desk

Work while you walk, on the very best in treadmill technology. Backed by 45 years of Life Fitness® quality and biomechanics excellence, the InMovement TreadMill Desk offers an adjustable, ergonomic experience.

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Elevate DeskTop™ DT1

Experience the benefits of standing while working on this sit to stand workstation. Designed for laptop users, the laptop swivel arm enables 360° rotation for versatility and collaborative work.

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Elevate DeskTop™ DT2

The Elevate DeskTop DT2 offers a generous surface area that allows for a fully functional workstation that comes pre-assembled (no installation required).

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Elevate DeskTop™ DT3

The Elevate DeskTop DT3 is available in dual-monitor and single-monitor versions. Set atop a solid column with an attached ergonomic keyboard tray, the DT3 securely clamps to the front of your desk for easy installation.

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Elevate DeskTop™ DT4

The Elevate DeskTop DT4 converts your workstation into an adjustable standing desk with a flexible monitor arm, desk surface and ergonomic keyboard tray.

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