Smart Service

Gympac is the sole authorized distributor of Life Fitness and Hammer Strength products in India. Everyone says they offer the best service, so it means a lot more when owners and operators like you say it for us. Gympac has the won the most number of “After Sales Service” awards on the global arena.

There are a million reasons to buy our services, but lets start with the top 5:

Life fitness equipments

Average Cost of Repairs and Maintenance is over Rs. 60,000:

Lets make a deal. We’ll pay for the expensive repairs and you save for that additional holiday you have been planning for.

Life fitness equipments

Peace of mind:

Do you plan your doctor visits? Of course not but you still have medical insurance. Your eqiupment’s get sick too. Let us take care of it.

Life fitness equipments

Specialists are better than Generalists:

We standardize around a defined set of services. standardized service means our engineers repeat the same process many times. And with that repetition comes increased competence.

Life fitness equipments

Faster Service and Shorter turnaround time:

With our massive parts inventory, route optimization, efficient manpower management and the best-trained LIFEFITNESS Certified technicians, we guarantee the least downtime for your equipment’s.

Life Fitness India

Fixed, Before it Breaks:

When there is an ongoing relationship, our engineers know your equipment well;well enough that we start to know what the equipment need before you do, ensuring problems are fixed before they start.

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